Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Is it Any Wonder?

by CY

We all know life is unfair. Life is particularly unfair for many who suffer from mental health issues or other disabilities. While we often hear public lip service about the need to respect and treat mentally ill people, I believe one of the biggest problems facing many people suffering from mental health issues is related to employment, or the lack thereof.

Many people who suffer from depression and anxiety are not qualified for disability benefits. We are forced to work, but what happens when nobody will hire us?

I want to work and be a productive member of society, but employers do not hire people who don’t appear “normal” or “ideal," particularly during periods when there is a scarcity of jobs.  We are caught in a Catch-22. We can’t find work because of our depression/anxiety, which worsens our mental health condition. We have no income, and our mental health is further worsening but we have to wait until the point of severe mental illness or physical disabilities before we become eligible for disability benefits.
Is it any wonder that the Canadian Addiction and Mental Health Centre states that depression is the most significant cause of suicide for both younger and older Canadians? 


  1. Even on severe mental illness the coverage isn't that good, depending on where you live. Up here in the north the facilities aren't that good
    But fortunately I'm covered since I went back to school through the school.
    Take care and good luck

  2. Rich countries give people very good medical treatment for such problems, but poor countries have much less such problems like depression. But poor countries have much different problems.
    Rich countries have much better government support.
    Good luck!